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Solid productions

Because events need solid ground. From there on, anything is possible.

Solid advice

We go beyond technical productions. We have the knowledge to combine any aspect into one solid event.

Solid people

People who can be trusted. Skilled and inspiring. Hands-on.


What we do?

We are straightforward

We Say What We Mean, We Mean What We Say, We Do What We Do. Give us a budget
and we make sure we stick to it. We are looking for like-minded partners who share
our passion for quality, discovery & opportunity.

Why we do it?

We are resilient

It is about passion and creating great events and experiences without being snobby.
Don’t think it can’t be done; of course it can be done! And we will help you do it. We
are down to earth, honest and not afraid to get our hands dirty.

What we love?

We are inspiring

We love what we do. With a good sense of humour. We appreciate crazy ideas and
decisions that make your concept stronger, your story better. We want to do fun
things and have fun doing them. We will rock the boat and come up with
unexpected solutions.

What we share?

We are skilled

We love being challenged and we’re ready for a little adventure. We have the knowhow,
we are efficient because we have our own specialties and we definitely are up to
speed in no time. So why keep those skills for ourselves when we can share it with

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Solid people bring you solid word on solid grounds
Total Event Production
On-site Management

4 Day Festival

Total Event Production
On-site Management

3 Day Festival

We Are Electric Weekender
Artist Advancing
On-site Management

Klokgebouw Festival

Tight schedules & tight shows
Various shows
On-site Management

Multiple Events


Solid Grounds
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